Train routes I’d love to take

I thought I’d share with you some of my ideas about train trips through Europe it would be cool to take. I’m assuming of course that they are actually all possible. I haven’t done every country by any standard, I’ve just created routes based on location, the way that the countries compliment each other and what using a train as the main mode of transport would be like from personal knowledge:

1. The Great British Trip


Scotland – England – Wales

I think this would be such a cute trip to take and see the countryside, as well as a big city like London.

2. Bustling around the Baltics


Lithuania – Latvia – Estonia

This is a trip I am actually really considering. While I like to do one country per trip usually, this just works so well (at least in my head) that I am completely down for it.

3. Eastern Delights


Bulgaria – Romania – Hungary – Slovakia – Czech Republic

Really this is wayyy too much for me to do in one holiday but I really like the idea of it.

4. Germark


Germany – Denmark

I love the idea of the contrast between these two.

5. The Balkans


Serbia – Montenegro – Bosnia & Herzegovina – Croatia

I think this would be an incredibly cool trip to take, kind of along the same lines in my head as the Baltic trip I mentioned before.

6. An Elegant Escape


France – Switzerland

I actually came close to taking part in this one. I would still love to go.

7. The Trip with Tapas


Spain – Portugal

One I would genuinely love to take and can see happening. Spain and Portugal work so well together (or at least do in my head).

8. A Really Cool Idea


Belgium – Netherlands – Luxembourg

Seems like a really cool way to see Luxembourg and extend the holiday.

9. Nordic Routes


Sweden – Norway – Denmark

I wanted to put Finland in BUT IT WAS TOO MUCH.



“The Ultimate” if you have trouble reading the title.

Scotland – England – Wales – Ireland – Portugal – Spain – France – Italy – San Marino – Switzerland – Belgium – the Netherlands – Luxembourg – Germany – Austria – Slovenia – Croatia – Bosnia & Herzegovina – Serbia – Montenegro – Macedonia – Greece – Bulgaria – Romania – Hungary – Slovakia – Czech – Poland – Denmark – Sweden – Norway – Finland – Estonia – Latvia – Lithuania

There you go. 36 countries. A NICE IDEA, RIGHT?


I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments if you are interested in any/would dream of taking any of these routes!


Dreaming of Belgium (Plans 1#)

I have always wanted to go to Belgium. What’s not to love? History, chocoloate, chips, waffles, architecture…I could go on.

That’s why I am hoping for my first solo trip to be to Belgium. I may be wrong of course, but it seems like a harmless place to start. And there’s the fact that I am desperate to go there. This has actually recently been enriched by my recent discovery that one of my direct ancestors from the 1000CE era was very likely Flemish and from what I can tell, while the land he was given was French, he was probably around the Ghent/Bruges area. So I would love to visit that of course. But who knows how accurate my research is?

Anyway, these are the towns I would love to go to the most in Belgium, according to my research. Any pictures (since I haven’t been!) will have links back to their original locations, which you should might want to check out. I chosen the pictures based on appearance and the original site – I’ve tried to choose those with good/interesting information. If there is a problem, I will remove any right away.


Of course the capital city is on my list. Brussels definitely is the centre point and it contains the airport.

 (source – Travels with Gary)

2. Bruges!

Bruges just looks so pretty and medieval. I have definitely fallen in love with the pictures.

 (source – Rees in London)

3. Ghent!

Again, really pretty. Plus it looks like it has some really interesting attractions.

A City Tasting Tour: Ghent Food Guide (source Fine Dining Lovers)

4. Leuven!

Are you seeing how great this place looks? Kind of a bit like the other three in a way (as in town pictures of Bruges).

 (source – M4S)

5. Dinant!

No it’s not a fairytale.

 (source – Share My Travel)

6. Durbuy!

Unless you don’t want to go to Belgium, don’t Google this place. You will end up going there.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Belgium: Durbuy Cobblestones (source – Go4Travel Blog)

7. Antwerp!

So many flags.

 (source – Wikipedia)

So those are the cities I am hoping to visit in Belgium (or at least are my top priorities). Please tell me what you think in the comments!

Things I wouldn’t have known about Venice

Getting lost is a wonderful thing. Unless of course you ARE actually lost and then the panic sets in. But it’s a nice thing to glorify, isn’t it?

One of the things I had heard before coming to Venice was that to truly appreciate the wonder that is Venezia, one must get lost. A romantic idea, right? The answer is yes, it is amazing to see all these hidden alleys and shops and, well, the local’s Venice. Until of course it’s so dark you can’t read a map or sign, you’re tired, you’re hungry and you’re sure you’ve seen that church five times now. But that’s ok because you’re becoming more acquainted with the real Venice, isn’t it?

Well, yes, but my advice is that you learn more about the place then go and get yourself lost. Get lost like you’re in a classroom studying quantum physics. Just know a little bit about the place first – you’ll notice more of the little things and probably appreciate it a little more.

My advice is ultimately that you join a “free” walking tour. Generally they are run by local students who make money from tips generated by the tour. You get info, they get money and everybody wins. Plus, since they live off tips they are more likely to want to impress you. Or at least that is what I have found. venice2

In fact, I don’t think that I would have enjoyed my time in Venice a fraction as much as I did if not for the tour I did. Yes, it went for 4 and a half hours. Before you gasp (or after – depending on whether you are a fast gasper), I promise you that it felt way, way more like a two hour tour. And that is someone who can’t sit though a lot of movies at home. My family and I took the tour first thing on our first full day and it was probably the best thing we did in Venice, and accentuated everything else.

Some of the things we had glimpsed the night before started making sense. Those weird picnic
tables lying everywhere? Oh those are for tourists and their suitcases to walk on when the flood season starts. Yes, Venice FLOODS (properly floods) for half a year and locals bring out their knee-high boots. We happened to only miss these floods by a day in the end.

While you’re at it, why don’t you take a walk to San Marco’s square? Just be sure not to walk between the two tall columns or you will be cursed. Yes that is a nice thing for superstitious people to know, luckily we found out in time. No Venetian would walk between them. And one of the pillars around the side of the church presents a fun challenge – prisoners about to be executed between the two columns (hence the curse) would be given the opportunity to be set free – if and only if – they could make their way around the column without their feet touching the ground. But here are the catches: you must have your back to the wall and your hands cuffed behind your back. There’s no way you will do it though because while there are like ten pillars supporting the church around the side, this one is a bit closer to the edge than the others. I tried multiple times but failed miserably.

veniceAll in all, what I’m getting at is that walking tours – or at least brushing up on your knowledge of a place before you go there – can be invaluable. I learned so much in a short time and it truly enriched my Venetian experience.

Why I Became a Travel Blogger

This is the point where there should be some great reveal of an inspiring, life-changing reason behind my reason to do this. But all you’re going to get is the truth: simply because travelling is one of my greatest passions.

I need somewhere to vent. There aren’t many other 16 year old girls who have literally mapped out more trips than there can be physically taken in one lifetime. My dreams keep me sane – or maybe make me a little insane.

venice building1

Here’s what you can expect on Where’s My Neverland: suggested itineraries, my plans, stories on where I have been and probably stuff in the miscellaneous department as well. But as previously mentioned, I am a 16 year old girl. And as not mentioned yet, an Australian (therefore isolated from the rest of the world). So I don’t have many opportunities to travel. But luckily I was born to parents who share my love of travel (as do THEIR parents) so we try to get away as often as we can. We usually go away twice a year – usually somewhere within Australia and then somewhere overseas. While I will of course do my absolute best to have posts about places I have actually been to, they probably (definitely) won’t be as frequent as others.

I originally started blogging as a book blogger. I still love and run my other blog, Bookcomet. Reading and writing are also two of my favourite things in the world and I am also in the process of setting up yet another blog – this time focused on language learning. Said blog could very possibly be up and running while you are reading this in the future, the answer lies within whether the button is in the sidebar or not. Is running three blogs too much? Probably.

I would absolutely love it if anyone shares any of THEIR travel stories and recommendations with me in the comments. And I hope that you will stick with me as I follow my dreams and find my Neverland(s).