Why I Became a Travel Blogger

This is the point where there should be some great reveal of an inspiring, life-changing reason behind my reason to do this. But all you’re going to get is the truth: simply because travelling is one of my greatest passions.

I need somewhere to vent. There aren’t many other 16 year old girls who have literally mapped out more trips than there can be physically taken in one lifetime. My dreams keep me sane – or maybe make me a little insane.

venice building1

Here’s what you can expect on Where’s My Neverland: suggested itineraries, my plans, stories on where I have been and probably stuff in the miscellaneous department as well. But as previously mentioned, I am a 16 year old girl. And as not mentioned yet, an Australian (therefore isolated from the rest of the world). So I don’t have many opportunities to travel. But luckily I was born to parents who share my love of travel (as do THEIR parents) so we try to get away as often as we can. We usually go away twice a year – usually somewhere within Australia and then somewhere overseas. While I will of course do my absolute best to have posts about places I have actually been to, they probably (definitely) won’t be as frequent as others.

I originally started blogging as a book blogger. I still love and run my other blog, Bookcomet. Reading and writing are also two of my favourite things in the world and I am also in the process of setting up yet another blog – this time focused on language learning. Said blog could very possibly be up and running while you are reading this in the future, the answer lies within whether the button is in the sidebar or not. Is running three blogs too much? Probably.

I would absolutely love it if anyone shares any of THEIR travel stories and recommendations with me in the comments. And I hope that you will stick with me as I follow my dreams and find my Neverland(s).


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