Train routes I’d love to take

I thought I’d share with you some of my ideas about train trips through Europe it would be cool to take. I’m assuming of course that they are actually all possible. I haven’t done every country by any standard, I’ve just created routes based on location, the way that the countries compliment each other and what using a train as the main mode of transport would be like from personal knowledge:

1. The Great British Trip


Scotland – England – Wales

I think this would be such a cute trip to take and see the countryside, as well as a big city like London.

2. Bustling around the Baltics


Lithuania – Latvia – Estonia

This is a trip I am actually really considering. While I like to do one country per trip usually, this just works so well (at least in my head) that I am completely down for it.

3. Eastern Delights


Bulgaria – Romania – Hungary – Slovakia – Czech Republic

Really this is wayyy too much for me to do in one holiday but I really like the idea of it.

4. Germark


Germany – Denmark

I love the idea of the contrast between these two.

5. The Balkans


Serbia – Montenegro – Bosnia & Herzegovina – Croatia

I think this would be an incredibly cool trip to take, kind of along the same lines in my head as the Baltic trip I mentioned before.

6. An Elegant Escape


France – Switzerland

I actually came close to taking part in this one. I would still love to go.

7. The Trip with Tapas


Spain – Portugal

One I would genuinely love to take and can see happening. Spain and Portugal work so well together (or at least do in my head).

8. A Really Cool Idea


Belgium – Netherlands – Luxembourg

Seems like a really cool way to see Luxembourg and extend the holiday.

9. Nordic Routes


Sweden – Norway – Denmark

I wanted to put Finland in BUT IT WAS TOO MUCH.



“The Ultimate” if you have trouble reading the title.

Scotland – England – Wales – Ireland – Portugal – Spain – France – Italy – San Marino – Switzerland – Belgium – the Netherlands – Luxembourg – Germany – Austria – Slovenia – Croatia – Bosnia & Herzegovina – Serbia – Montenegro – Macedonia – Greece – Bulgaria – Romania – Hungary – Slovakia – Czech – Poland – Denmark – Sweden – Norway – Finland – Estonia – Latvia – Lithuania

There you go. 36 countries. A NICE IDEA, RIGHT?


I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments if you are interested in any/would dream of taking any of these routes!


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