Dreaming of Belgium (Plans 1#)

I have always wanted to go to Belgium. What’s not to love? History, chocoloate, chips, waffles, architecture…I could go on.

That’s why I am hoping for my first solo trip to be to Belgium. I may be wrong of course, but it seems like a harmless place to start. And there’s the fact that I am desperate to go there. This has actually recently been enriched by my recent discovery that one of my direct ancestors from the 1000CE era was very likely Flemish and from what I can tell, while the land he was given was French, he was probably around the Ghent/Bruges area. So I would love to visit that of course. But who knows how accurate my research is?

Anyway, these are the towns I would love to go to the most in Belgium, according to my research. Any pictures (since I haven’t been!) will have links back to their original locations, which you should might want to check out. I chosen the pictures based on appearance and the original site – I’ve tried to choose those with good/interesting information. If there is a problem, I will remove any right away.


Of course the capital city is on my list. Brussels definitely is the centre point and it contains the airport.

 (source – Travels with Gary)

2. Bruges!

Bruges just looks so pretty and medieval. I have definitely fallen in love with the pictures.

 (source – Rees in London)

3. Ghent!

Again, really pretty. Plus it looks like it has some really interesting attractions.

A City Tasting Tour: Ghent Food Guide (source Fine Dining Lovers)

4. Leuven!

Are you seeing how great this place looks? Kind of a bit like the other three in a way (as in town pictures of Bruges).

 (source – M4S)

5. Dinant!

No it’s not a fairytale.

 (source – Share My Travel)

6. Durbuy!

Unless you don’t want to go to Belgium, don’t Google this place. You will end up going there.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Belgium: Durbuy Cobblestones (source – Go4Travel Blog)

7. Antwerp!

So many flags.

 (source – Wikipedia)

So those are the cities I am hoping to visit in Belgium (or at least are my top priorities). Please tell me what you think in the comments!